Parents love getting creative when it comes to surprising their sons and daughters.

When straight-A student Emily Watson came home from school one day, the last thing she expected was a lecture from her mom, but that’s exactly what she got. She sat at the dining room table with her sister and was forced to listen to Mom’s rant about actions and their many consequences. The look on Emily’s face can only be described as shock and horror as she tried to think back to anything she might have done to warrant such a speech.
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After watching her daughter fight back tears, Mom decided that the jig was up and passed her daughter a small gift box. In a matter of seconds, Emily’s face went from painfully sad to joyous!

You’ll crack up when you see how their conversation ended.

I can’t stop watching the moment she opened the box. It’s like 50 different emotions erupted in under a minute!

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This year, the festival of Eid al-Adha in Bangladesh’s capital city of Dhaka has taken a bizarre turn.

Dhaka is a city that regularly experiences flooding from nearby rivers due to poor drainage. For locals, a few inches of water on the streets is common during heavy rainfall. This week, however, the ritualistic animal sacrifices of Eid al-Adha collided with the city’s regular flooding to create a truly freaky scene.
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Eid al-Adha is one of the holiest days on the Muslim calendar. The holiday commemorates the prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son to God. To pay tribute to Abraham and God, Muslims sacrifice animals during the festival.

Getty Images

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Authorities in Dhaka set up designated areas for the sacrifices to take place so that cleanup would be easier.

However, some chose to ignore all that. Many people just went ahead and sacrificed animals right outside their homes.

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As a result, rain on Tuesday mixed with blood in the streets and essentially created sanguineous rivers that stretched across the city.

Luckily, the water receded quickly, but some areas are now coated with blood.

(via The Guardian)

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. I would hate to run errands through all of that nonsense.

If you’re a parent, I’m sure that when it comes to your children, you’d do anything for them.

Not many things are stronger than the bond between parent and child — even if the child in question doesn’t share your blood, or even live in the same country.

Tom and Whitney Blaszak know that all too well. After going on a mission trip to Ethiopia and meeting an adorable six-year-old orphan named Tigest, they knew they had to make her a part of the family. Even though it took four years and three adoption agencies to make that dream a reality, they never gave up on bringing their daughter home. You’re about to witness their amazing reunion.

I’m so happy that they kept fighting for her.

It’s so amazing how their perseverance helped them find their Hope. I’m not the only one doing a happy dance for this family, right?

While weddings themselves are very much about people’s tribes in their entirety, a relationship that culminates in such a celebration starts with two.

Two people meet. Two people test the waters and take the plunge. They fumble through awkward dates until struggling with a plate full of pasta goes from embarrassing to endearing. They meet in the glorious middle filled with a type of love that warrants rings, parties, and promises of growing old together.

Her ability to capture the sense of oneness that can be found in a pair is what sets Helene Havard‘s wedding photography apart. The Tahiti-based artist recently teamed up with Flying World Pictures to create a collection that both literally and figuratively elevates the craft.

The combination of drone technology and Havard’s careful eye creates scenes populated by subjects who appear to be the last two people on Earth.

If you want to get a feel for what these shoots look like in action, check out the video below.

Bora bora Wedding Jacob & Jodi from Flying World Pictures on Vimeo

To see more of Helene Havard’s work, visit her website. For regular updates, follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

You can watch more videos by Flying World Pictures here.

When Coyote Peterson and his crew from Brave Wilderness dive into a subject, they pull out all the stops. In fact, you might say they go a little too far.

Take this footage, for example. Instead of just hanging out near a few leafcutter ants and telling us about their habits, he let them do their destructive thing…on his hand. Consider yourselves warned, people, because this is seriously gross.

His methods aren’t exactly conventional, but you can’t really say you didn’t learn something, right? And there’s more where that came from! Want to see him play with a wild baby ocelot? Here you go! If you still can’t get enough, be sure to follow Brave Wilderness on YouTube. His passion for animals is infectious.

He was born just four months ago, but that’s a long time for a baby to go without seeing his mother. It’s not that Leo’s mom wasn’t around, it’s just that he suffers from a form of albinism called oculocutaneous albinism. The condition causes him to be virtually blind.

But thanks to a new baby-sized pair of Miraflex glasses, he is suddenly given the ability to see. When he gazes into his mother’s eyes for the first time in his young life, his reaction is just too precious.

It’s amazing that despite only hearing his mother’s voice in his early infancy, as soon as he focuses, he knows exactly who is smiling at him. Hooray for Leo!

When it comes to duplicating keys, everyone knows all it takes are a couple bucks and a trip to any hardware store, but it turns out you can actually PRINT a new one at home.

Watch as DaveHax gives us step-by-step instructions on how to copy them without ever having to deal with a locksmith. Just grab your key, your computer and printer, some scissors, and an empty tin can.

If you’re one to leave your keys in random spots, this makes a pretty compelling case as to why you should never do that again…

On second thought, I don’t understand why we even have metal keys anymore. We have passwords and even fingerprint scanners for our phones! We’re supposed to be living in the future, people.

It usually starts relatively small. Maybe Dad needs a little help at home because getting around is becoming difficult. Other times, it arrives like thunder, with a catastrophic injury or a shocking medical diagnosis rendering a loved one completely dependent on outside help. No matter how an illness or disability arrives, the person who steps up to assist their stricken family member earns a title. That person becomes a caregiver.

In the United States, 40 million people provide unpaid care to elderly, ill, and disabled people. Most of these caregivers don’t even distinguish themselves as such. To them, helping family members is simply what you do when they need you. This video is just a little reminder of how dedicated they really are.

Caregivers do so much and ask for nothing in return. Being there for a loved one can be a struggle, but at the same time, it’s so rewarding.

Isabelle the koala got the best Christmas gift of all this year when she gave birth to this bundle of joy. The little one lives in Australia’s Symbio Wildlife Park, and her new baby made its Internet debut in the video below.

This joey is probably the cutest animal of all time, and that’s saying something.

Okay, that cutie should probably have a reality show. Get on it, Australians!

It’s probably one of the hardest things to experience as a mother…when your little one is in trouble, but you’re completely helpless.

And that’s exactly what this man came across when he found a beautiful brown mare standing still on a bridge in the middle of nowhere.

He noticed that she was looking down at something and it obviously had her distressed, praying for a miracle. That’s when this kind Good Samaritan decided to approach her and see what was wrong. Strolling towards her quietly, not wanting to scare her away, he soon knew exactly what was wrong. What he did next is incredible!

(via LittleThings)

Looking at this mother horse, there’s no question she knows that without this man’s help, she never would have been able to save her baby. Stepping aside and not even trying to stop him, it’s times like these when you really understand that despite what we think, humans and animals truly can speak the same language. The language of love.